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Miss Millennium Queen 2007

The road to the crown for Miss Millenium Queen 2007 starts here

Do you have what it takes to be Crowned  Miss Millennium Queen of Ethiopia? If you do then send us an email and we will contact you,

The 2007 Miss Millenium Queen promises to be the most elaborate pageant ever held in Ethiopia for a long time.

For 2007 preliminary consideration in the  Miss Millennium Queen pageant, please send all of the following to us with   “MISS Millennium Queen Pageant" in the subject line of your email :

                  (Applicants under the age of 18 must have parental guidance)


  Your full name

  Clear headshot photo (no website link)

  Clear bodyshot photo (no website link)

  Your physical mailing address with postcode

  Your phone number with area code

   Passport number and Nationality

  Your age

  Your birth date (month, day, year)

  List your email address

  Your website URL (if applicable)

  If you are under the age of 18 list your parents/guardian name(s)

  If you are a student list school, current year, major

  Your current occupation and career goals

  List any and all pageants that you have ever competed in or

  been a part of, including the year of each

  Why do you want to enter the Miss Millennium Queen Pageant,


  PLEASE NOTE:  If any of the above is missing, you will be

  asked to re-submit or,  you may be automatically disqualified

  from consideration. There is no Application Fee.  Once your

  submission is approved you will then receive an Official

  Preliminary Application Packet via email.


  After which, you may be on your way to compete for the

  National crown, if you win it then a prestigious and exciting year

  of travel and particiation in the top Beauty pageants in the world as one of our 10 National Queens and ambassadors of Beauty and Culture for Ethiopias  new Millennium  follows.

  we are dedicated to impartial even-handed Pageantry.



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All photos and contents are 2006 Miss Universe LLP,  Miss Universe Ethiopia ORG  & The Ethiopian Life Foundation. No one is allowed to copy or reproduce any of these photos or images, without first obtaining written permission from the Ethiopian life foundation, If you do we will pursue the strongest legal action against violators. Copy right violators beware