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Miss Ethiopia Perfume Collection




Miss Ethiopia ™ perfume launched


A brand new perfume called “Miss Ethiopia” is to be launched in of 2005, the perfume is being launched by the Miss Universe-Ethiopia® Organization and will feature three distinctive fragrances, the perfume comes about as a strategic move designed to eliminate the continued reliance of the Miss Universe Ethiopia Organization on corporate sponsors to support our projects.


The Miss Universe Ethiopia Organization is now one of the largest pageant systems in Africa is if not the world with over 26 international licenses


2004 has seen girls from the pageant participate in over 10 international pageants on all continents for the first time and 2005 promises to be an even bigger year for Ethiopia beauty queens, the Miss Ethiopia perfume is being sourced from a French perfume designer and negotiations are under way with department stores in predominately Ethiopian communities in the United States and Europe to stock the perfume as it is expected to be a top seller amongst young Ethiopian women, the perfume will also be sold in Ethiopia at choice boutiques and major hotels and the search for local and international distributors is underway


Never before has a beauty organisation launched it own perfume in honor of its Beauty queens and the Queens will be actively expected to promote the perfume as part of their contractual obligations during their year of reign, and this will firmly establish the Miss Universe Ethiopia pageant as the undisputed pageant of choice for young Ethiopia girls who are looking for a career in show business or Modeling, as the exposure from promoting the perfume will be on a truly global scale, Just like Ethiopian Super model Liya Kebede Promotes products for Estee Lauder.


The Queens will be actively engaged in promoting the perfume As part of their contractual obligations during their reign, this will further Promote Ethiopia on the International scene as the Queens will be the only ones distributing their own trademarked perfume at all international engagements they attend.


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