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MUE's Make A Wish Foundation


Welcome to the Miss Universe-Ethiopia's "Make a Wish Foundation"™

The Miss Universe® Ethiopia Org. warmly welcomes membership in one of the most exclusive clubs; its Goodwill “Ambassadors Club™”


The objectives of the M.U.E.’s Make a Wish Foundation, are to giveback to the community in Ethiopia and support various humanitarian projects that are beneficial to as many people as possible the ambassadors club is a club made up of conscientious and well meaning individuals who would like to support our projects


Membership of the Miss Universe® Ethiopia’s Ambassadors Club ™ is open to all well meaning individuals regardless of where you live. Join us by registering and support our efforts and help us in making a difference in Ethiopia, while we focus on the things and issues that matter to us. We warmly welcome your support and your membership dues will be a valuable resource for us to carry on our projects and initiate new ones.


We don’t pretend that we can single handily change everything overnight but togeather we can make a difference with your valued support.


The M.U.E.’s Make a Wish Foundation has its goals of doing this through careful panning and stringent resource management to maximise our effectiveness on the ground in Ethiopia where it counts the most

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